Social Skills Group

social skills group counselingOne of the things that can be highly critical in helping children create a strong sense of self-worth and happiness is when they find a group of peers that they connect with. Unfortunately, for some children, finding and maintaining friendships does not come easily. At Therapy on the Square we bring together small groups of children, based on their age and gender, to work specifically on strengthening the skills they need to successfully build and maintain social relationships. The groups are activity based, and provide many “real life” opportunities to deal with the complexities of interacting with peers.

Social Skills Group may be right for your child if you answer “yes” to any of the following:

  • Does your child complain that “Nobody likes me,” or “I don’t have any friends”?
  • Does your child frequently get in trouble for acting out inappropriately in school or social activities?
  • Does your child become highly anxious or overwhelmed when faced with social situations?
  • Is your child quick to fight or argue with other children?
  • Does your child seem like he/she just doesn’t know what to do when around other children?